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Do you suffer from
start-up anxiety? 

Whether you're employed, self-employed or unemployed, we provide you with free and cheap resources to help you explore your idea and create a business strategy and plan, before you launch to the world.  


Do you want to know more about starting your own business or becoming self-employed? 

We're building a curriculum specifically aimed at helping you set up your business right, from the start. Using bootstrapping techniques to keep cost low, without impacting results.
Before you launch.....1.2.3....


Collect, document and refine data for decision making

Before you Launch 1 teaches you to prepare questions, create surveys, run workshops online or offline and use the data to make a decision on a product or service you wish to offer. 

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Coming late 2019  

Understand what comes first and why and then test the hell out of it. 

Before you Launch 2 will provide you with insight into creating a strategy and testing your idea before you make the final leap of faith and commit. 


Coming Early 2020

Plan and execute

Before you launch 3 (coming soon) will take you through the final stages of setting up your business, along with a business plan and execution strategy to ensure maximum success for many years to come. 


Starting from Scratch

Our free collection of resources, articles, webinars, product demos and more.
Aimed at micro (1-10 employees) businesses in the start-up or bootstrapping phase.   

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We're a small team, with decades of experience in business and in designing, developing and delivering training focused on developing real-world practical skills. Welcome to our community. 


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Our community of 
small and micro 

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